Smart Alarm Clock Kindle Edition

    • Turn your device into a Sleep Control Center
    • Choose the right sleep mode and set up the alarm
    • Analyze your sleep & improve its quality
    • Listen to the sounds recorded during sleep
    • 100+ high quality relaxation sounds to start your day fully recharged

The world popular Smart Alarm Clock is now available for Kindle Fire.

The iOS version of the app has already proved that technology can battle even the most sophisticated human problems. Like poor sleep patterns and wake-up problems. Smart algorithm combined with the work of built-in accelerometers of the device allows to get more from the limited hours of sleep you can afford and make your mornings less drowsy.

How is it even possible? Despite the differences in age, nationality and lifestyle all people have pretty much the same structure of sleep. During the night, we go through 4-6 sleep cycles. Each cycle lasts about 90 minutes and consists of several sleep stages: transition to sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, dream sleep. The key to easy wake up is to set the alarm for the moment when you're in the light sleep stage. Naturally, no human can figure out this moment by himself, but Smart Alarm Clock can do it for you.

In the light stage of sleep we tend to move more than in other sleep stages. In the course of the night, the app keeps tracking your sleep stages and cycles, so it knows exactly where you are in your sleep progress. And sets off the alarm in the lightest sleep stage within the time frame you selected. You can surely use the app as a conventional alarm clock, i.e. set the exact wake up time, but you'll be amazed by how different it feels when you let Smart Alarm for Kindle decide on what time is best for you.

Additionally, the app is full of features that will teach you amazing things about your sleep.

  • It tracks your sleep cycles to determine your best wake-up time
  • Provides detailed statistics of your sleep cycles and stages
  • Automatically records the night sounds that are longer than 5 seconds

To get even more information about Smart Alarm, check out our special FAQ page. If you've already got the app and have questions, try this Help section.

Great Features:

Sleep cycle monitoring and statistics

The app diligently tracks your sleep cycles and stages throughout the night and logs the statistics. In the morning you can easily view the details of your sleep in colorful graphs. They are easy to understand and can be accessed at a tap. The longer you use the app, the more data is collected, so you can track your sleep patterns over long periods of time.

Sleep sound recording

Along with tracking your sleep cycles, the app can automatically record the sounds in your bedroom to help you determine and eliminate the factors that interrupt your sleep. The app turns on the recording when the sound is longer than 5 seconds to avoid the recording of insignificant sounds. You can easily delete batches of sounds by day.

4 smart modes

You have several options for setting your alarm. There's full mode which takes care of sound recording, sleep cycle tracking and perfect wake-up time detection. Then there are modes with sleep cycle tracking, where you set the wake up time frame or the exact wake up time. And a custom mode, where you can determine which features you want to be active.

Special tunes and other cool features

We provided over 100 tunes to help you fall asleep peacefully and wake up cheerfully. You can download the needed music packs for free and delete the ones you don't need whenever you wish. The app can also provide detailed weather stats from anywhere in the world, remind you if the battery is low and allows to share you sleep stats via Facebook, Twitter or email.


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