Smart Alarm Clock HD: sleep cycles & noise recording

    • Turn your iPad into a Sleep Control Center
    • Track statistics
    • Analyze your sleep & improve its quality
    • Listen to the sounds recorded during sleep
    • 100+ high quality relaxation sounds to start your day fully recharged

Isn’t it great that you can easily get a clear picture of your sleep pattern? Sleep cycles can tell a lot about the person’s habits and possible causes of sleep disorders. Thousands of people have troubles with either falling asleep or waking up, but only few know that they simply choose a wrong timing for going to bed or getting up.

Smart Alarm Clock for iPad employs a precise algorithm that registers your sleep cycles and phases. They are conveniently visualized in form of graphs which allows you to find out the optimal time for going to bed and waking up. The stats can be zoomed in for better identification of parameters.

Another feature that will help you learn more about your sleep is the sound recording. Sounds at night account for quite a large share of sleep disturbances. Besides, you can find out if you snore or talk at night. By playing back the recordings you can hear all the noises that occurred at night and use this information to optimize your sleeping environment.

The app has also a great sound library with plenty of chillout and wake-up tunes, nature sounds, binaural beats and guided meditation audios. You can also add your own tracks from the iPod playlist or enjoy podcasts and audio books before sleep or at the wake-up.

You can adjust Smart Alarm Clock for iPad to your taste. The app has a variety of stylish clock designs, analog and digital, for portrait and landscape modes. Your own pics can also be used as clock background. The smart app automatically switches to the landscape or portrait view. To prolong the battery life, a brightness adjustment slider was added to the app. Smart Alarm Clock for iPad offers a number of cool features that you will definitely enjoy. Weather forecasts and detailed meteorological info, ability to share stats via Facebook and Twitter, the Snooze button and other useful functions make it your perfect sleep buddy.

To get even more information about Smart Alarm, check out our special FAQ page. If you've already got the app and have questions, try this Help section.

Great Features:

Sleep cycle tracking

Monitor your sleep cycles and optimize your sleeping environment.

Noise recording

Find out if you snore or talk at night, learn what disturbs your sleep.

Sound library

Choose your perfect chillout and wake-up tune from a great variety of specially selected tracks, binaural beats and guided meditations, or add your own tracks!

Sleep stats

Get a clear picture of your sleep cycles and share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or by email.

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