Smart Alarm Clockfor iPhone / iPod Touch

    • Turn your iPhone into a Sleep Control Center
    • Choose the right sleep mode and set up the alarm
    • Analyze your sleep & improve its quality
    • Listen to the sounds recorded during sleep
    • 100+ high quality relaxation sounds to start your day fully recharged

The problem of undersleeping sounds too familiar to you? No wonder – it is a common thing for people living in stressful environment, having tough jobs and experiencing physical or emotional discomforts. However, there is one thing that can help you deal with that – efficient monitoring of your sleep patterns. has come up with an application for iPhone/ iPod Touch that will let you keep track of your sleep – Smart Alarm Clock, as simple and as brilliant as that.

However, there is a thing that makes this app for iPhone really unbeatable among other apps of the kind. To monitor the factors that disturb your sleep, our application records noises disturbances while you are asleep (not available for iPod though under 4th generation). By playing back all recordings, you will get a clear picture of your sleep pattern which, in its turn, can help you eliminate the discomforting circumstances and get sound and healthy sleep. Another thing that will help you track your sleep pattern is a convenient visualization of stats in form of graphs.

Smart Alarm Clock offers a lot more to that. If you have ever had difficulties with waking up, whether because of under- or oversleeping, this app for iPhone is what you need to guarantee comfortable awakening. To feel and stay active throughout the day, the best wake-up time for your body is during the REM (rapid eye movement) phase. Smart Alarm Clock does not only precisely monitor your sleep cycles, but also detects the right phase for your awakening!

The application is provided with 4 wake-up selection modes for iPhone and 3 for iPod. Just choose the one that fits best in your lifestyle and circumstances. And good news for those who like to catnap some extra minutes in the morning – the Snooze button will linger the awakening moment.

To make your chillout and awakening more comfortable, Smart Alarm Clock features 20 special tunes of various music genres and sounds of nature. For those who have already found their best chillout and wake-up tune, this smart app for iPhone offers the option to add your own tracks from the iPod playlist. If you are familiar with oversleeping your work because of a quiet alarm, Smart Alarm Clock will make sure that won't happen again – the wake-up alarm is accompanied by vibration.

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Great Features:

Recording of disturbing factors

Smart Alarm Clock offers a unique option you won't find in other apps for iPhone - recording of noise disturbances while you are asleep. By analysing the factors that disturb your healthy sleep, you can adjust your sleeping pattern and feel fresh and invigorated every day!

Monitoring of sleep cycles and phases

The singular STrack 2.0© algorithm accurately monitors and registers your sleep cycles and phases. With the help of this technical solution, this smart app will most comfortably wake you up at the best moment within the time frame that you choose. Make your awakening a pleasant part of the day!

Detailed statistics

Curious to track the changes of your sleep patterns through a period of time? View the stats with the help of graphs using the multi-touch function. For better identification of your parameters, Smart Alarm Clock provides for a zoom-in option.

Special tunes

What could be better than to drift off or start your day with nice tracks? Right – nothing! This is why this app for iPhone features 20 special tunes of various music genres as well as sounds of nature, you gonna like them! If you prefer something truly yours, the app takes care of you too – add your favorite tracks from your iPod playlist to make as much time of your time enjoyable.

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Awesome alarm app.

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Good quality sleep is something almost everyone craves, and a new app claims to be able to bring you just that.

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