Pedometer GPS+ Profor iPhone / iPod Touch

    • Independent from GPS (uses accelerometer if GPS signal is unavailable)
    • Complete workout history convertible to CSV and stored infinitely
    • The option of logging the weather and your condition while on the route
    • Integrated timer-pulsometer
    • In-built music player
    • Energy-saving features
    • Facebook and Twitter sharing option + e-mailing

Isn't it great that we live in the era of information technologies that not only make our lives easier but also let us learn so many useful things! Take regular running for example. Just a decade ago running meant nothing but running itself, while now you have innovative technologies that provide you with lots of practical data and help you, thus, make this sports routine more effective and even entertaining to some extent. A new app by — Pedometer GPS+ Pro: running, jogging, walking & stopwatch – is a great tool offering you all that and even more.

Designed for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, the app comprises lots of handy features ensuring the highest accuracy of counting steps, distance, speed, pace and the calories burnt. This pedometer of new generation uses a unique technology GPS + thanks to which the application does not solely depend on GPS unlike other apps but uses the accelerometer if a GPS signal is too weak or cannot be detected. The availability of both features guarantees exact measurement of the data.

This app for iPhone and iPad was developed by real pros who provided everything runners are looking for. It’s simply unbelievable how one product can include so many great functions. Pedometer GPS+ Pro remembers your route and shows it on the map and in the history. The complete history of workouts has unlimited storage term and can be viewed whenever you need that. To make it easier for you to handle the data, the workout history can be converted to the CSV format.

Another great tool that Pedometer GPS+ Pro can boast of is the option of logging the weather and the way you feel while on the route. An integrated timer with the pulsometer functions will help you easily check your pulse so that you could track it throughout your routine. And there’s no way Pedometer GPS+ Pro could do without an in-built music player so that you could enjoy your favorite tunes while running!

Not only is this app for iPhone/iPad a great helping hand in measuring the data, but also a fantastic motivation tool. It is provided with a possibility to set a daily goal and has an integrated Body Tracker that will help you achieve the best results in the shortest possible time. It can be motivating not only for you but also for your friends if you share your achievements with them on Facebook or Twitter or send your results to them by e-mail.

Despite so many extra features packed into a little app, it is very easy to get around and has a pleasing to the eye interface. The ability to run in a background mode makes this app for iPhone/iPad even more convenient to use. And thanks to the smart functions, that make sure your battery power is not drained at once, this app will be given the thumbs up by all runners.

Great Features:

Highly accurate

Pedometer GPS+ Pro ensures the highest accuracy of measurements thanks to a unique technology GPS + that simultaneously employs both accelerometer and GPS. It guarantees smooth performance in any circumstances: if GPS signal is unavailable, the app will employ the accelerometer alone.

Packed with handy features

This app for iPhone/iPad boasts a variety of helpful features to make your sports routine as efficient and easy to track as possible. The workout history is stored infinitely and can be converted to CSV. You can also log the way you felt and what the weather was like while you were exercising. The app also has an integrated timer-pulsometer to monitor your pulse and boasts power-saving features.

Easy to get around

You would probably think that so many features make this app a puzzle for a user. Nah! The developers made sure the app is very intuitive so that you would not have to rack your brains but just enjoy your exercise.

One of the best self motivational tools available.

  • The app ensures the highest accuracy of steps, distance, speed, pace, and burnt calories calculation.
  • Unique GPS technology. The Pedometer utilizes accelerometer and GPS simultaneously, thus providing the ever-highest accuracy of measurements.
  • Full independence from GPS! The Pedometer functions at all times and in all places: if the GPS signal is available, GPS will be used to improve the measurement accuracy, otherwise accelerometer will be used in a standalone mode.
  • A range of smart functions are available to help you save your battery power and add extra convenience to the application use!