Moves Tracker for Android

    • Work out with the most stylish and precise tracker on the market
    • Choose from 21 training modes for indoor and outdoor use
    • Map every workout
    • Get detailed workout stats
    • Keep track of your body changes

Take an entirely new approach to your fitness activities with Moves Tracker for Android! Whether you’re into running, walking, cycling, skiing, skating or skateboarding this brilliant app tracks your progress and gives you detailed statistics on your workouts. With its smooth design and dead precision, Moves Tracker is undoubtedly your best option in the world of healthy lifestyle and fitness!

GPS independence and long battery life

No more worries about your battery life! Now you can use the accelerometer (M7 if available) and step counting mechanism to reduce your battery drain or when GPS signal is unavailable.

Maps and routes

Exercise with colorful and detailed maps where you can always find out the distance of your session. Moves Tracker also provides you with routes of different colors depending on the workout intensity.

Modes and workout progress

Choose one of 21 training modes for indoor and outdoor use and get more accurate calorie and step tracking!

Body Tracking

Set your weight goals and monitor your body changes with Body Tracker. Here you can easily get your detailed stats and body graphs just in a tap.


Enjoy your favorite songs right during fitness sessions. And don’t forget to set powersongs and motivate yourself!

Great Features:

  • 21 training modes
  • Detailed statistics
  • Complete GPS independence
  • Stunning maps and routes
  • Body tracker
  • BMI calculator
  • Body graphs
  • Powersongs