Heart Rate Monitor:measure and track your pulse rate

    • 2 heart rate measurement modes
    • Stand-alone use. No external sensors required!
    • Daily, weekly and monthly pulse rate stats
    • Heart rate zones calculation
    • User-friendly interface

Measure your heart rate (pulse rate) any time and anywhere in just a couple of seconds! Ideal for use while working out, when you’re under stress or just want to know your pulse.

The app offers:

  1. Precise heart rate calculation
  2. Two measurement modes
  3. Heart rate zones
  4. All your stats in one tap
  5. Full history with your notes


The app calculates your heart rate, using the iPhone camera. So simply place your face in front of the camera or a fingertip on the camera lens for some seconds – and your pulse is measured!

NOTE: Though Heart Rate Monitor provides accurate pulse measurement, it is not a medical app. Please consult your doctor if you want to use it for medical purposes.

Start tracking your heart rate with the most precise heart rate monitor app up to date!

Great Features:

Fast and simple heart rate measurement

2 measurement modes

Point your device camera at your face or cover it with fingertips

Daily pulse rate stats

Full measurement history where you can add notes

Calculation of your heart rate training zones

Moderate activity, fat burn, cardio training, hardcore training, maximum effort

Data sharing via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail

Detailed tutorial

Ensure precise measurement with our detailed explanation