Fitness for women:workouts and exercises by

    • First app designed specially for women
    • Join the rapidly growing social network for all things fitness
    • Upload and share your favorite fitness pics
    • 80+ pre-installed workouts designed specially for women by professional instructors
    • Create your individual program according to your weight, height, age, body shape and problem areas
    • Real-time audio and video instructions¬†

You might burn more calories while looking for a decent fitness instructor than by actually exercising. The only problem is, your search doesn't have all the other benefits of a good workout. So, if you're a female seeking to change your body, try Fitness for women: workouts and exercises by

This app was specially created for women - with consideration to their physical peculiarities and needs. It suits any age and provides detailed guidelines for working on your problem zones.

Get individual program

A great troubleshooting mode for beginners. To create your individual program, specify your age, weight, height, problem zone (thighs/buttocks, abdomen/waist, upper body) and body shape. And in case you're not sure what your body shape is and what it's called, don't worry: all of them are shown in small pics, so you'll easily figure out which one is you.

In just a few seconds, you'll get a list of exercises to target your problem zone, suggestions for a number of reps and the optimal resting intervals.

Choose from 80+ ready-made workouts

Go to this section if you're ready to move on or wish to diversify your routine. Some ready-made workouts are focused on specific problem areas, others work out the whole body. Every day you can pick a program that suits your needs and preferences the most. All workouts are distributed between the 3 major groups: beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Use the base of exercises to build a routine

Build your own routine using a huge base of exercises. Simply add the exercises you like to the list and your workout is ready. Mix and match for the most enjoyable process and ultimate effectiveness.

Connect with Facebook and Fit n' Share

Share your achievements with your friends and other fitness fans, get encouragement you need as you work towards your goal and simply have fun socializing with like-minded people.

So, whether you need to tone your body, lose or gain weight, shape your arms or flatten your stomach try the most girly fitness app from Get Fitness for women now to start working towards your goal and join a friendly fitness community.

Great Features:

  • 80+ ready-to-use workouts created by professional instructors for all levels
  • Exercises with no equipment for all problem zones
  • Real-time audio and video instructions for every exercise
  • Possibility to delete the unwanted exercises and add new exercises to your workout
  • Possibility to create your own routines
  • Possibility to play your music during the workout
  • Connected with Fit n' Share social network