Calorie Counter Plus diets & activities

    • Extensive database of foods and recipes with over 700,000 items and precise data on 17 parameters
    • Tracker of body parameters, mood, blood sugar, blood pressure and water consumption in the form of charts
    • Ability to set up a weight goal by a certain date
    • Ability to create your own diet and activity plans
    • Large database of activities

It's never too late to make a resolution to start taking care of your health. Whatever your fitness goal be, Calorie Counter is a great way to keep a good track of your calorie intake and activities.

A fruit of many months' work, this ultimate app for iPhone, iPod and iPad has just everything to help you keep fit and stay healthy! And these are not empty words. If you are looking for a simple, convenient, detailed, accurate and disciplined way of keeping tabs on your calorie intake and expenditure, Calorie Counter is your best helping hand.

One of's fundamental principles is to make its product as indivual-oriented as possible. Calorie Counter is not an exception: you can follow your customized goals based on your specific profile, create your own diets, physical activity plans and view your progress over time.

A huge and regularly updated database of foods, activities and cooking recipes makes this app the best of the kind on the App Store. You will find here more than 700,000 food items with customizable servings, recipes with images and detailed description, activities with info about burned calories! And even if you do not manage to find something, you can easily add it as a custom item. This app for iPhone and iPad will take all your requirements into account!

Calorie Counter is, in all modesty, an ideal app to track not only your nutrition and physical activities, but also your body parameters, mood and blood sugar. Everything is visualized in the form of charts and you can view the history and stats over any period of time. Knowing more about your body is the first step on the way to a healthy body and mind.

An important tool, without which such app would be incomplete, is an ability to set a weight goal by a certain date. Calorie Counter will provide you with a recommended intake of nutrients or you can customize your nutrition yourself by 17 parameters. Exhaustive stats of all registered parameters ensure that you get a clear picture of your food, activities and body parameters. For a greater effect and motivation, you can save your pictures and monitor your body changes. It's such a pleasure to see your achievements, isn't it?

Another feature that definitely makes this app for iPhone and iPad stand out of the crowd of similar apps is a live support service with highly qualified specialists who are ready to give you advice on nutrition and physical activities whenever you need that. You won't believe it, but the service is absolutely for free!

If you have ever felt embarrassed because of your look, if you have ever made a resolution to start a new life with a new yourself, if you have ever been concerned with the healthiness of your habits and if you have ever been in a strong need of no-nonsense approach to balancing your lifestyle, Calorie Counter for iPhone, iPod and iPad is really what you need to turn your determination into something more real than just thoughts.

Great Features:

Unequaled content

For easy tracking of your fitness goals, Calorie Counter has a huge database of foods, cooking recipes and activities. As many as 17 nutrient parameters are available for monitoring and adjusting!

Customizable goals

Set your goal for weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance and get a recommended intake of calories, vitamins and nutrients or enter your own. Create your diets and physical activity plans and follow them step by step.

Free professional advice

Get free tips from a team of experts who will eagerly provide you with advice on nutrition and physical activities. They will get in touch with you as soon as possible and will do their best to answer all your questions.

Bargain app

Thanks to the multiple profile option, Calorie Counter can be used by two or more people which is especially cool if you have decided to start taking care about your health together with your better half.

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Calorie Counter diets and activities
  • A huge food database – over 700,000 items with precise data on all most important parameters
  • Automatic calculation of your needs for the intake of vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • An option to create your own diets and physical activity plans
  • Integrated Body Tracker for registering the changes of your body parameters and monitoring the progress with the help of colorful graphs