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Smart Alarm Clock for Android is out!

1 DEC 2013 / Comments

From now on our top ranked Smart Alarm Clock is also available for Android! Great news for Android users who can improve the quality of their sleep and wake up with ease using our great app. Don’t miss out its exclusive release on Amazon Appstore!

First fitness app for women by is out!

25 NOV 2013 /

Fitness for women: workouts and exercises by is our absolutely new app that we’ve designed specially for women! Here we've gathered the best exercises and programs developed by professional instructors taking into consideration what women need. The app includes a great variety of pre-installed workouts for different levels, alongside with simple but effective exercises for any problem zone. Here you can also create your own fitness routines just in a few taps: set up your personal parameters like weight, height, body shape and go!

Adjustable workout pace, real-time audio and video instructions, integration of our social network Fit n'Share — all these and many more cool features are now available in our new app. Check out Fitness for women: workouts and exercises by and work out with pleasure!

Download on the App Store!

Wake Up Mistakes

17 OCT 2013 / Comments

Mornings are often tough, so let's try and not make them worse. Here's the list of the most typical mistakes we make as we wake up. Plus some quick-fix ideas.

Wake up routine

14 OCT 2013 / Comments

So, your alarm rings and you're supposed to get out of bed and perform at your best. Linger on for a few minutes to get fully awake. Here's a short in-bed routine that will reenergize and prepare your body for the day ahead. Becomes #4 Top Global Publisher of iOS Apps

07 OCT 2013 / Comments (former Plus Sports), an international developer of health and fitness apps, made it to the global iOS Top 5 Paid Apps' Publishers Chart (August 2013). Their Smart Alarm Clock, a sleep tracking app for iOS was ranked 3rd among the Top 5 Paid Apps in August, pushing to rank #4 on the global paid app publisher list, the highest ranking health and fitness app publisher.

Background Mode

01 OCT 2013 / Comments

The recent background mode cancellation was a big disappointment for you, but it wasn't our decision. Upon the release of the latest app update we received a notice from Apple's Review Team stating that the background mode feature didn't comply with the App Store Review Guidelines.

28 SEP 2013 / Comments

Get more from your sleep

If you can't get more sleep, why not to get more out of your sleep?

Here are 3 tips to help you rest better.

21 SEP 2013 / Comments


As you have probably heard, most people's breath is shallow and erratic. This is due to a stressful lifestyle, uncomfortable clothes, poor posture and a whole lot of other factors. Poor breathing patterns cause dizziness, sleepiness and weakness. While all we need is to increase the supply of oxygen. To do so, we'll need to turn this unconscious function of your body into a conscious one, fix it and let it become unconscious again.

18 SEP 2013 / Comments

3 reasons to never compromise on your sleep

Investing in expensive vitamins and energy boosters while voluntarily choosing to sleep less is the typical habit of a modern man. While dietary supplements may give you some short-term results, being deprived of quality sleep causes various conditions that gradually undermine the quality of your life.

11 SEP 2013 / Comments

Push-up: An all-in-one exercise

With the abundance of complex mechanisms at any gym, we've gotten too picky. But it's not the machine that makes you fit and strong: it's your own effort that counts. So not having enough time to get to the gym is really a lame excuse for not working out at all, while you can always use one of the best and simplest exercises ever: push-ups.

01 SEP 2013 / Comments

Hardy vs. Strong: Should You Run or Lift Weights?

You like jogging and aerobics, while your friend swears by his gym machines. You both do your best to eat healthy and never skip your training, so who's in better shape and better health after all: cardio fans or weight-lifters?