All-in Fitness HD:1000 Exercises, 100 Workout Plans & Routines, Calorie Calculator

    • 100 ready workouts for men and women
    • 1,000+ exercises with video how-to's and muscle images for each exercise
    • Set goals, track results, control your BMI
    • Full-fledged Calorie Counter
    • Fastest growing fitness community Fit n' Share

Make your gym buddies jealous — get Fitness HD, the best fitness app for iPad!

You get:

  • The only app with over 1,000 exercise videos!
  • More than 1,000 exercises for men and women and 300 YOGA poses
  • All exercises and yoga asanas have video and audio instructions!
  • Calorie Counter, Body Tracker, and BMI in one pack .
  • 100 ready-made workouts for men and women!
  • Free advice from professional coaches right in the app!

Even if you have no gym experience and very little idea about where to start, let the app guide you. It will use a special algorithm to find a fitness program that suits your parameters, goals and time limits. There also 100 ready-made programs grouped by level, goal and gender, so you can use this sorting to choose what you need.

And of course you can create your own workouts, picking the exercises you prefer from the huge database. To help you search, exercises are grouped according to body parts, muscles and equipment. And don't forget about the hundreds of yoga poses you can use for your practice. Once you start a program, you can totally rely on the provided instructions: textual, video and audio.

Logging your achievements and tracking your progress is also easy. The app is equipped with smart Body Tracker, Calorie Counter and BMI features that keep all your measurements in order and provide a clear picture of your achievement rates. They also help with setting the new goals and working towards them. And one more feature to boost your motivation: upload your progress photos and watch your image change!

In case you're still lost and unsure about what to pick or which part of your body to focus on, ask our professional fitness trainers. You can do it right in the app, free of charge!

With Fitness HD you get more than just a pack of exercises. Get the most of what your iPad can give you — just try and you'll love it!

Great Features:

Hundreds of exercises and yoga poses

You'll find them grouped by muscles (abductors, deltoids, glutes, pectoralis, etc.), equipment (dumbbells, EZ-bar, rowing machine, Swiss ball, treadmill, etc.), body parts (abs, arms, legs, shoulders, etc.). Over 300 yoga asanas are in the Body Parts category and they can be either added to your workout or used to make a complete yoga routine.

Ready-made programs

To take all the guesswork out of your training, choose from the professionally designed programs. They are grouped by level, goal and gender, so you're sure to find a workout for your needs.

Smart features for healthier lifestyle

Keep an eye on your body parameters using the Body Tracker, BMI and Calorie Counter features. Note, that there are over 300,000 foods in the Calorie Counter database, so you can get relevant nutrition info and food score for each food. You can fully rely on the app to count and log the calories you consume and burn.

Fit n' Share social network

Add more fun and motivation to your training - join Fit n' Share! View photos of other fitness fans and share the shots of your own muscles. Or perhaps even find gym buddies. Get encouragement from your friends and follow the users from all over the world!

Get Fitness HD now and take your training to a new level!