7 minute workouts:bodyweight training & high intensity exercises

    • Scientifically proven concept
    • Effective workouts for men and women
    • No equipment needed
    • Work out anytime and anywhere
    • Join the rapidly growing social network for all things fitness
    • Upload and share your favorite fitness pics
    • Achievements to motivate you do better

Suppose a gym session lasts one hour. Plus getting to the gym and back. If you absolutely can't spare that much time for your fitness routine, it doesn't mean you have to give it up altogether. Try 7 Minute Workouts by Sport.com to stay on track no matter how busy you are.

The app offers:

  • Nine 7-minute high-intensity workouts
  • Exercises that are easy to perform
  • Equipment-free programs
  • One app for iPhone and iPad

As it has already been mentioned in The New York Times, the research conducted by the Division of Wellness and Prevention, Inc. of the Human Performance Institute in Orlando, FL., showed that short-term yet intensive circuit training can deliver results comparable to those achieved through regular prolonged workouts. 7 minutes is the optimal time for actively engaging all of your body systems and getting all the benefits of a longer lasting workout.

Naturally, not just any set of exercises will deliver the above-mentioned results. That's why our 7-minute workouts were compiled by a professional fitness instructor. And these routines differ from the sequence initially offered by the researchers. We made sure you get the all-new routines that won't bore you. Each of the 9 programs includes 12 exercises.

For best results, you need to allow 30 seconds per exercise and rest for 10 seconds between them. To help you keep track of time, each routine functions like a real-time video. You start the workout, get a preview of the next exercise and then follow the video-instructions. The app warns you when it's time to rest and do the next exercise. Feels like working out with a personal trainer!

The workouts were designed to suit different levels. Thus, if you get back to active training after a break or can't work out intensively for any other reason, you can pick a lighter routine. And if you're in the mood for pushing your limits, you can go for a more complex one. Also, you can use any of the routines for circuit training, or follow a low-impact routine with a difficult one.

The following features will turn your iPhone/iPad into a personal trainer:

  • 9 workouts for different goals and levels: Cardio Burst, Strength Craze, Beach Body, Killer Abs, Lean Legs, Base, Light, Plus, New
  • Efficient, yet simple exercises you can do without any equipment
  • All workouts can be used as individual routines or as a part of circuit training
  • Achievements to add more motivation to your training
  • Connection to Fit & Share - social network for fitness enthusiasts

The app is super-easy to handle: just start the workout you need and follow the instructions.

Great Features:

1-hour efficiency in 7 minutes

Each routine consists of specially selected exercises that help you achieve maximum results. An experienced fitness trainer created the sequences that evenly work your whole body in a matter of minutes. Just like 1-hour workout would.

No fitness gear required

You don't need to purchase any expensive equipment that also takes space. In these programs the weight of your own body is used as a resistance, so you can work out anywhere.

Personal instructor effect

Since you need to do all the exercises at a specific pace, each routine works as a timer. It controls the duration of active and resting periods and you're also shown each exercise in real time.

Motivational features

To boost your motivation, we've added achievements you need to unlock. What's more, the app is connected to a growing fitness community Fit & Share, so you can share your progress pics and connect with other fitness enthusiasts. Just try it. You're only a few taps and 7 minutes away from feeling so much better. Get 7 Minute Workouts now!