Deciding to improve your body is one thing, doing it is quite another. Our fitness apps are created to help you improve your body, and make you healthier and more confident. Hundreds of workouts have been professionally designed for these apps by expert trainers to support and encourage your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Get an app that will guide you through every workout step by step, one muscle flexion after another until you get your dream body.

All-in Fitness: 1200 Exercises, Workouts, Calorie Counter, BMI-calculator & Social Network

  • The only app with 1200 HD VIDEOS for each exercise
  • 900+ fitness exercises, 300 YOGA asanas with videoclips and muscle images for each exercise
  • 100 ready-made programs for working out
  • Calorie & Shape Trackers
  • Fitness calculators

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Every time you run, there's a whole lot happening: you cover some distance, you burn calories, and your heart rate increases. So here are the apps that monitor everything and store this data to let you use it later. Pick a Pedometer to accompany you in all your runs, motivate you, show you the way and provide you with all the necessary stats right when you need it.

Moves Tracker: Running, Cycling, Walking, Jogging

  • Accelerometer, GPS, graphs, aggregation, M7 support, automatic BMI calculator
  • Support of Heart Rate and Stride sensors by Wahoo Fitness, Beets Blu, Runalyzer, 60beat
  • Keep track of your body changes and see the intensity
  • Save, predefine and share your favourite routes
  • Detailed history of your workouts
  • Indoor and outdoor use

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Calorie Counter

It's never too late to make a resolution to start taking care of your health. Whatever your fitness goal be, Calorie Counter is a great way to keep a good track of your calorie intake and activities.

Calorie Counter: diets & activities

  • Extensive database of foods and recipes with over 700,000 items and precise data on 17 parameters
  • Large database of activities
  • Tracker of body parameters, mood, blood sugar, blood pressure and water consumption in the form of charts
  • Ability to create your own diet and activity plans
  • Ability to set up a weight goal by a certain date
  • Live support with FREE professional advice

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One of the pioneers of the mobile fitness applications market, brings all the benefits and variety of the modern fitness and yoga trends into your phone. We've developed and sustained dozens of apps that help you work out (All-in Yoga, All-in Fitness), watch over your sleep phases (Smart Alarm Clock), serve as walking and cycling computers (Pedometers and Cyclists), and keep track of your diet (Calorie counter).

Our prime goal is to provide our users with high quality and extensive content of our apps. And over 40,000,000 downloads and 10,000,000 satisfied users all over the world is a good proof that we are on the right way!
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